Best Natural Skin Lightening Cream For Vibrant Skin

Have you spent lots of money on cosmetic treatments to get rid of dark spots, hoping to barely see them? Instead, they make your hyperpigmentation worse!

Pigmentation can make your skin looks blotchy if you don’t treat it.

Can natural skin lightening creams reduce your dark spots?

The high demand of even skin tone has caused the market to be bombarded with various brands of skin whitening creams and lotions.

Natural Skin Brighteners Should Be Free Of Chemicals

If you are looking for natural skin lightening products, they should be free from potentially harmful and irritating ingredients because they can damage your skin.

Studies have shown that hydroquinone may cause cancer. That is why some countries in Europe and Asia have banned its usage in skin whiteners.

You should also be aware that long term or excessive use of hydroquinone can cause ochronosis, a non-repairable skin discoloration. You don’t want to destroy your face with more patches.

I should warn you about mercury skin bleaching products. Although they have been banned in the U.S. but some of them make it to the shelves. Mercury can accumulate in your body, which eventually lead to toxicity.

When shopping for a good skin lightener, pay attention to the labels particularly the ones that are made outside the U.S. and avoid any brightening product that contains mercury.

What Are Some Of The Natural Skin Lightening Agents That Work Against Pigmentation?

For natural ingredients, I suggest you look for kojic acid, arbutin, licorice, gigawhite and niacinamide. These herbal agents can reduce melanin by interrupting the tyrosinase activity which is essential in melanin production.

Some of these organic compounds can substitute hydroquinone. Studies have shown that arbutin is as effective as hydroquinone. Arbutin is extracted from bearberry and mulberry. It contains melanin-inhibiting properties that can safely lighten dark spots.

Today, many top whitening lotions use powerful, natural melanin inhibitors such as arbutin and kojic acid.

Using natural tyrosinase inhibitors is more friendly on your skin. This means less irritation.

Beside using skin bleaching creams, you should use a physical sunscreen with high SPF to protect treated areas against UV rays. This should prevent existing brown spots from becoming darker.

The Most Effective Natural Skin Bleach Based On Users’ Rating

According to most reviews on natural skin lightening creams, Meladerm turns out to be the best. It is made from kojic acid, alpha arbutin, beta  arbutin, licorice extract, gigawhite, niacinamide, TEGO Cosmo C and lemon juice.

These ingredients combined provides the extra strength needed to address excess melanin at its source.

If you’re looking for chemical free skin brighteners, Meladerm is one of them. It is free of mercury, steroids, and hydroquinone.

Don’t expect quick results. I’ve checked several discussions on the forums. Most users see best results after using Meladerm for several months. It does work as long as you’ve patience.

Do you like people comment about your “glowing look” when they see you?

Check out Meladerm all natural skin whitener yourself.