Non Toxic Skin Lightening Cream

New skin whitening products are making its way to the market every year. They are one of the hottest selling products in the skin care industry. But some brands are not safe to use because they use toxic materials.

The legislation is slow to take action, failing to protect you from questionable harmful ingredients found in skin bleaching creams.

One of the potential risk ingredients that I’m talking about is hydroquinone.

I believe you can find safer and non-toxic skin lighteners to fade your hyperpigmentation.

Why Should You Avoid Skin Bleaching Products With Hydroquinone

You may already know that hydroquinone is a powerful lightening agent. It can inhibit the melanin processing in the melanocytes. That is why it can reduce dark spots effectively.

There is a risk of using hydroquinone to lighten pigmentation spots. Do your research on the Internet. You should find cases of ochronosis. It is a permanent skin discoloration that is caused by long-term usage of hydroquinone.

If it doesn’t freak you out enough, check out the studies on the potential carcinogen of hydroquinone. Researchers tested this chemical on rats and found that the rats experienced a high incidence of tumors.

Because of the potential risk of hydroquinone abuse, the European Union has banned all skin care products from using hydroquinone.

Sadly, other countries are not taking prompt actions to implement such restrictions.

If you are considering a nontoxic skin lightening cream for safety reasons, you should take a look at Meladerm.

Facts About Meladerm, The Best Skin Whitener With No Hydroquinone

If you use a skin lightening cream without questionably dangerous ingredients, your skin is very unlikely to have breakout or irritation. Also, you have the confidence to use it on your skin without any fear that it can cause severe medical conditions in the future.

Meladerm is not only free of hydroquinone, but it does not contain mercury and steroids, another widely used toxic lightening agents.

Its revolutionary formulation consists of an optimal blend of botanical extracts such as arbutin, kojic acid, licorice, gigawhite, and mulberry. They have been found to be as effective as hydroquinone but without any serious side effects.

Of course, Meladerm will take a longer time to reduce dark spots and even out your skin tone than hydroquinone creams. The consolation bonus is that you don’t have to deal with the possible side effects or toxicity such as cancer and ochronosis.

If you are looking for the safest skin lightener, then I have no doubt that Meladerm is the one.