The Best Skin Lightening Cream For Dark Skin

It is never easy to get rid of hyperpigmentation when you have dark skin. Most of the skin lighteners target women with fair skin.

Whether you are an African American or Indian, searching for the best otc skin lightening cream is not going to be easy.

I had a fair share of dark spots on my face. I used to hide them with concealers. However, this was not a long term solution.

Why Are You Still Having Dark Spots?

I tried various skin bleaching products. They could not fade my brown spots. Many of them ended up on my dressing table like a parade.

I think the formulation of the skin brightening cream is not ideal for my pigmentation problem. Or maybe the ingredients are not strong enough to reduce dark spots.

I avoid any lotion that contains hydroquinone. I’m not willing take the risk. I can’t imagine what happen if hydroquinone make my skin worse. I don’t want to damage my skin with more discoloration.

Hydroquinone is not the only thing you need to worry about. Many cheap skin bleach creams contain mercury. They do more harm to your health than your skin.

Some of my friends try to recommend me unknown brands of skin brighteners. They even guarantee that these creams can lighten my dark spots. I politely decline them because I don’t know what they will do to my skin.

My Real Intention Using Skin Whiteners

I don’t want to make overall skin tone lighter. I want to use the best skin lightening cream for dark skin to make my skin tone more even. This means no brown patches on my skin.

How I Do Find The Most Effective Bleaching Cream For Dark Skin

I came to know about Meladerm when I talked to my colleague about my pigmentation.

I thought it was like any other brands.

But when she showed the photo of her sister who used Meladerm to treat her facial melasma, I was astounded.

When I came home that evening, I checked online to learn about the ingredients used in this skin whitener.

I was thrilled to know that this product contained a number of botanical extracts such as licorice, fungus (kojic acid), mulberry, bearberry, and Swiss alpine plants.

They are potential alternatives to hydroquinone minus skin irritation.

Some studies demonstrate their effectiveness as tyrosinase inhibitors.

What I like about this skin lightener is that I can use it on my dark skin. I think it would work for blacks as well.

Even though I consider Meladerm to be the best bleaching cream for black people, I’ve to be very patient. Usually it takes longer time compared to those with light complexion. For African Americans, don’t give up too soon.

My dark spots are not gone completely. Yet I’m glad that my facial tone is more even.

Imagine your friends complement about your skin.

Can you see yourself feeling more confident because your skin is more vibrant and glowing without ugly discolored patches?

Isn’t this is what you want?

The Last Advice On Best Whitening Cream For Ethnic Skin

When you shop for any skin brightener especially for black skin, check the label.

It should be free of mercury and steroids.

You don’t have to worry about side effects when using Meladerm.

It has natural ingredients that are not only safe to use but also effective as dark spot reducers.

The best part is that you’ve nothing to lose because your purchase is covered by money back guarantee.

As Oprah said “Be patient with the result as it will take several months.”

Just like most skin lightening lotions for black women, give time for Meladerm to work on your pigmentation problem.

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