What Should You Know About Age Spots

Age spots or liver spots as they are sometimes called, are blemishes that form your skin. Usually they are considered as signs of aging. They happen when you spend a lot of time under the sun. Most of age spots are brown in color although some may appear to be red or black. Generally, the areas that are always exposed to the sun should develop age spots. So, your face,… Read Article →

How Does Colorism Promote Skin Whitening

When it comes to career, people with dark skin tend to be less advantageous than those with lighter skin tone. This is because of colorism. People have the wrong misconception that dark complexion is inferior. Colorism is not just about racism anymore. It is about the society putting more emphasis on whiteness. I read about “Study analyzes colorism, relationship to other people, world” today and was disturbed by several findings… Read Article →

How To Choose The Best Skin Lightening Cream

Do you’ve stubborn dark spots that you’re trying to get rid of? Isn’t it a frustrating experience after trying different brands of skin lightening products and the spots have not faded? Choosing the right skin bleaching cream can be an overwhelming task. The market offers many brands, and you are confused which one is the most effective for your pigmentation problems. Wouldn’t it be helpful if someone has written a… Read Article →